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A Few Victory Stories and More..

Don’t you hate being sick?  Me too.

Last Wednesday I suddenly had a tickle arrive in my throat and by Thursday, it had turned into a mild cough and congestion.  Friday wasn’t terrible but yesterday morning I felt like I had a full blown cold.  I went through more tissues than I can recount by noon and it was starting to look like there was a chance my weekend was going to be derailed by it.

Of course, I’m pretty militant when it comes to taking care of stuff like this so I made sure to get the right exercise, nutrition, hydration and supplements to speed things up.  Last night though, by the time we finished our weekly Siesta Beach Prayer Circle, I felt like something had really changed.

I woke up this morning feeling great and my symptoms have been virtually non existent all day.  I can honestly say I’m close to 100% again.  You could say I am a little thankful!

Anyway, in the midst of all the stuff I’ve been up to today, I had a few things come to mind that I felt would be worth sharing.


Do you play a sport?  If so, you will be fascinated by this PBS report called “Quiet Eye.” 

We’ve all heard the phrase “keep your eye on the ball” right? Well, a scientist at the University of Calgary developed technology that allows her to see exactly where athletes eyes go when they are performing their sports motion.  She was able to discern the differences between top pros and inexperienced amateurs and she was able to see that there was a common pattern to how the pros focus their eyes prior to the movement.

In the video they show the results they found looking at golf, tennis, basketball and hockey.  They discuss what amateurs do wrong and what they would need to do to be more in line with the “pro pattern” of focusing.  Very interesting stuff.

Check it out here- Quiet Eye Video


Do you struggle with the voice in your head that tells you to quit the things that are good for you?

Recently I wrote an article in my print newsletter about this voice that I have also battled many times.  It just came out a few days ago and I had one person already tell me that it was exactly what she needed to hear.  I’ve copied it onto my blog if you’d like to read it or read it again.

Check it out here- Overcoming the Voice of Discouragement


Having trouble knowing exactly what exercises to do, but can’t quite afford someone like me to work with you personally?

I stumbled across a page on the National Institute of Aging website that I found quite resourceful for people who are newer to exercise.  It’s called Go 4 Life and there are many exercise and physical activity suggestions, videos, goal setting guides and informational articles.  It’s definitely worth looking at if you’d like to get more exercise into your life.

Check it out here- Go 4 Life Website


Hope you enjoy these!  God bless!


P.S. Some people have voiced negative judgements towards me lately for being so open with my spiritual life.  This saddens me.  In an effort to help anyone curious understand why I’m so passionate about God, I want to include a link to an article that was recently written about how I first met him 12 years ago this month.  It was featured in the April issue of the newspaper “He’s Alive”


Check it out here, my (somewhat embarrassing) story is on the last page- My Spiritual Journey

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