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Age Slower and Feel Better By Doing Less of This..

About 3 weeks ago I began working with a woman named Linda, who was having bad back pain and sciatica. Linda was referred to me by her son Jesse, whom I had helped with chronic neck and shoulder problems. He felt that her issue was partly muscular also.

During my assessment of Linda’s body, I found movement restrictions, skeletal misalignments and inhibited muscles in various places through her spine and hips. This is very common to find in people with this kind of problem. After this, I laid out our plan of action and we began to work on the issues I saw. In addition to this, I also told her to make a few modifications to her daily routine.

The main thing I told her to do differently was to break up her sitting time into much smaller blocks. You see, Linda works as a bookkeeper for a large organization and she spends pretty much her entire work day sitting at a desk. She also sits during her commute and then she sits when she is at home. All together Linda was getting way more sitting time than her body could tolerate.

After our conversation, she made a commitment to get up regularly throughout the day (5-10 minutes every hour or so). Between that, prayer, and the muscle activation exercises we’ve been doing, she feels way better. Her pain has diminished significantly and she has more confidence in her body.

It shouldn’t come a shock that less sitting often leads to less back pain. In fact, excessive sitting can actually be one of the biggest contributors to back pain because of the increased pressure the spine is under when we are in that position. What is shocking, is that new studies show that less sitting can also lead to better heart, lung and brain health, and it can cause us to age slower and live longer.

Dr. Don Colbert, M.D. has written a very succinct summary of some of these new findings in an article on his website. I encourage you to check it out by clicking the link below.

Click Here To Find Out What Excessive Sitting Does To Your Body

Happy Standing!


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