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The First Step to Reducing Inflammation

Today I want to talk about the first critical step towards lowering your Ph and therefore lowering your level of inflammation- consuming alkaline water. The Ph scale is a scale that measures the acidity or alkalinity of something as compared to a neutral reference. The scale typically goes from 0-14 with 7.4 being deemed "neutral". When our body becomes acidic, it begins to display a Ph that is lower than the neutral point. When this happens, our body fights to keep the Ph at a neutral primarily...
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A Key Indicator of How Healthy You REALLY Are …and a Test to Measure it

Nearly every person who walks into my office either is or was at one time suffering from the effects of inflammation. Usually if they have sought out help from me, the inflammation in thier body is affecting their muscles, joints or other orthopedic tissues. Chronic excessive inflammation is an awful thing to live with. It is quickly being discovered that it is at the root of nearly every disease and bodily disorder. Inflammation also robs you of nutrient absorption causing lower energy, impaired tissue repair and...
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