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At Ease and Feeling Good In 5 Minutes

I have a real quick nugget to share with you today and I feel like I’m “paying it forward” because it has blessed me a ton.

Recently I taught a class for a group of clients on how to use breathe to increase relaxation and lower stress.  We spent some time that evening doing an interactive breathing and relaxation routine that is proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce pain, ease muscle tension and enhance sleep.  The feedback I got was great.

Sadly I don’t have a video of the class that I taught so I found one online that follows the same type of formula.

This 5 minute relaxation routine is wonderfully taught by Stacey Schuerman during recent TED talk. I just did it myself before I began writing this article and I must say that I feel amazing.  This stuff really works!

If you feel tight, stiff, stressed or overwhelmed, do yourself a huge favor- go somewhere quiet and follow along with her video.  You’ll be glad you did.

Click here to watch it- 5 Minute Relaxation Program

As you oxygenate your body, keep in mind that it is your breathe that brings life to your cells.  It stimulates energy to flow, tissues to rebuild and health to thrive.

There’s a reason why we can only live a few minutes without oxygen.  When you give it to your cells in this great of an abundance they will reward you by making you feel so good that you want to do it again and again and again.

Enjoy it and please pass this along.  God bless!

Chris Vercelli  MATm, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness

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