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One of the Biggest Announcements I’ve Ever Made..

Hey my friend! Thanks so much for stopping by to read this! This past year has been a whirlwind of adventure! Where do I begin??

Last Christmas, for the first time in my life I spent the day apart from my parents. They tested positive for the coronavirus a few days earlier and out of an abundance of caution I chose not to go near them. Since my son had plans with his mom, I met up with my friend of mine who plays guitar and sings and we had a little Christmas Party for Jesus out on Siesta Beach.

That night, I met a female pastor from South Korea who had just moved to Sarasota a few weeks earlier. In addition to being a pastor she is also what’s known as a prophet- which means she often gets messages from God for others. While we were singing and preaching at the beach, God began to stir a message on her heart for me. The message was that God wanted to use me like He used John Wesley during the Great Awakening. That God would send me place to place and give me a power to preach to gospel with passion and see many souls get saved. She said that I would pioneer a work all over the state and that others would keep the work going after I left.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I should believe her or not. Not that I don’t believe in prophecy, because I totally do, but given that I had just met her it seemed like something I should “test.” The next night she came to our outreach, and she prophesied over a couple we had just met from Wisconsin. She was talking about VERY specific situations they were going through and giving them direct messages regarding those situations. By the end, both of them were in tears, saying “that is exactly what we are going through in our family, only God could have showed you this!” After I witnessed that, I began to believe what she said about me.

For the next week, I studied the life of John Wesley and others whom God used during that time period, and I was so inspired. They literally just went city to city, place to place and they preached the gospel in front of thousands and thousands of people in public areas. This set off a massive 50-year revival in America that led to God pouring out His favor and allowing America to win the Revolutionary War and form its constitution. I thought, “wow if God could use these men so powerfully in that era, when they didn’t even have vehicles, microphones, speakers or the internet, what could He do with someone in this era who was willing to do the same thing?”

I really started to get excited.

The following weekend, on New Year’s Eve, I travelled to Los Angelas California to be part of a huge worship service that was held on the world-famous Azusa Street. If you’ve never heard about Azusa Street, I encourage you to read about it. A revival began there in 1906 and it changed the course of church history. There were so many documented miracles at this revival that it sparked countless books and documentaries. Even mainstream publications like the LA Times wrote about it. People came from all over the world to see the dead being raised, the sick being healed, the blind receiving sight, the lame walking and most important of all- hearts changing. Although it only lasted for several years, the ripple effects have touched countless millions throughout the last 100+ years.

My Big Announcement Part 2.. (nonfictionfitness.com)

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