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What a Crazy Week It’s Been!

This has sure been a crazy week.  Last Friday night (6/7) I went to bed feeling perfectly fine and Saturday morning I woke up feeling like every ounce of available energy had been sucked out of my body.  I could barely move or talk.

I pushed myself to do as much of my normal routine as I could, hoping that this would pass, but it didn’t.  Finally after 3 days of hard fighting I finally gave in and saw a doctor.  I don’t do that very readily, as for the last 10-12 years, I’ve always been able to administer self care for all my infirmities and been perfectly fine.

Thank God I did go to the doctor because I have pneumonia!  In fact when he looked at my x-ray he said it was the worst one he’s seen in 6 years.  You bet I was shocked!

Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know much about pneumonia until now but it’s very serious and people can die from it.  I count myself fortunate to still be breathing.

But..don’t feel too bad for me because this week has actually been one of the best times of my life.  I’ve been off work the whole time and the rest I’m getting is amazing.  Plus the mental relief of not having so much to do everyday has been almost heavenly.

I’ve got at least another week of living like a hermit ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to that too!

I would appreciate any prayers you could offer up for me though.  Many people have been praying and it’s definitely working!

And…just so I don’t leave you without something useful today let me unveil the first video from our new Fitness For Life TV online channel.  It’s on the aging process, how it works and why you can do something about it.  It’s less than 3 minutes and I think you’ll like it.  Any feedback is appreciated!

Click here- Anti Aging Video



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