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These Ft. Myers Residents Lost ALOT…But Not Thier Faith

What a week it has been.  On Saturday 9/24, Sofiya and I flew out for a 2-day ministry trip to Philadelphia and New York City. Prior to leaving, almost nobody here seemed to be thinking about having to deal with the hurricane. When we came back on Monday morning though, it was on everyone’s minds.   What happened was shocking.  

In the nearly 29 years that I’ve lived in Florida, I’ve not seen a storm hit our region as badly as Ian did. I even have friends just miles down the road in North Port who had severe damage to their homes, and/or are stuck in their homes because of the flooding.  It really is sad. 

In Ft. Myers where Ian hit hardest, many people have lost nearly everything they owned.  The stories of their peril have been tough to watch.  In the midst of all those stories, one caught my eye today that I thought was worth sharing.  It is the story of a handful of people who are members of Southwest Baptist Church in Ft. Myers.   Some of the members lost their homes in the storm, yet they remain hopeful that God will bring redemption to the situation.  They also remain thankful that things weren’t worse.  I think you’ll enjoy reading about them. 

Click here- Hurricane Ian Shakes SW Florida’s Faith but Can’t Destroy It 

I hope it encourages you! 

God bless!


P.S. When things like this happen, many people have questions that can only be answered through the Bible such as: Why would God send hurricanes?

How can we trust God when things like this happen?

How will God help me when I’m suffering, not just in a hurricane but in any other “storm” of life? 

I’ve written a very short article, full of scriptures, that can shine light on these topics.   

Click here to read it- Biblical Encouragement After a “Storm” 

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