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I Ran a 40-Yard Dash at the Super Bowl!

Sorry I missed you last weekend, I was busy having fun at The Super Bowl! I actually made 2 trips to Tampa last weekend, one with my son to enjoy the festivities and one with my friends on game day to do some mission work. It was an absolute blast!

I posted some pictures and videos of our adventures here- Highlights From My Trips to the Super Bowl

In addition to all the other highlights, one thing I thought was neat was that I got to run a timed 40 yard dash. This is what the college players do when they are being scouted for the pros. It was a spur of the moment thing that I didn’t really have time to prepare for, but despite that, and despite wearing jeans and the wrong shoes I still ran it in about 4.9 seconds. Since that is what some of the pros do (with the right gear and the right warm-ups), I was pretty happy with my time!

As nice of a feeling as it was to get a time that I was proud of, I was not too fond of the feeling of my leg muscles shouting at me the next day for not properly warming them up for the sprint! My thighs (via delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS) let me know loud and clear that they needed some time to rest before sprinting again!

Now, you may not be sprinter, but maybe you’ve had a similar experience. Do you recall a time when you did something that was more physically taxing than you were used to and your muscles were sore the next day? Or 3!?

This is a very common thing and a big part of the remedy is simple- warm up your muscles and joints beforehand so they can handle the load. If you do this properly, they will be much nicer to you the next day!

My favorite overall body warm up is a series of 4 exercises called The Core 4. The Core 4 will work nearly every muscle and move nearly every joint in your body. This will help them get ready for exercise and other forms of physical activity.

You can watch me demonstrate the exercises by clicking here- The Core 4

(Disclaimer- only exercise 1 is recommended for people with spondylolisthesis, retrolisthesis, osteoporosis or a spinal fusion)

Even if you aren’t sore anywhere, I recommend that you do one set in the morning and one set before exercise or sports. This will be a great proactive step that will help you stay more flexible overall.

Please share with friends and family who might benefit!

God bless!


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