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Immune System 101 w/ Dr. Chris- Part 2

Now that I’ve had my “behind the mask” visit with my parents for Mother’s Day (big shout out to moms everywhere!!), I wanted to send you the latest installment of Immune System 101 with my friend and colleague Dr. Chris Davis M.D.

As I’ve mentioned before, Chris has a very unique and VERY compelling story. After over 14 years of traditional medicine, despite having an extremely busy practice, Chris became dissatisfied with the traditional medical model. He realized that it really didn’t allow him to help patients achieve great health, it merely allowed him to help patients cope with various forms of dis-ease. It also relied heavily on drugs and surgery, which Chris knew was not the answer.

Chris became so compelled to do what was best for his patients (even if it meant closing a 7 figure practice), that he began to consider doing a complete 180 and opening a holistic practice instead. After realizing that there were many other physicians who had come to the same conclusions, and made the same transition, he began to have the confidence that he could do the same thing.

A few years ago, Chris fully stepped out of the insurance controlled, pharmaceutical based box he was in, and he didn’t look back. Now that the

traditional medical model constraints are gone, Chris now spends his time helping his patients become, in his words, “the best version of themselves they can be.”

Part of Chris’ new medical mission also includes teaching these “a-ha” concepts to everyone who wants to get healthier, so they know how to make it happen for themselves. In this video lecture, Chris talks about several of these important concepts such as:

  • The common link between heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, and all other chronic degenerative diseases.
  • How immune system health can greatly influence the development of these diseases.
  • How having an underlying condition makes you more susceptible to a bad outcome from an infectious disease like COVID-19 or flu.
  • How inflammation develops within the body and how it can become chronic.
  • How inflammation leads to oxidative stress in all organs of the body.
  • How oxidative stress is similar to “rusting” and how it causes accelerated aging.
  • 37 different risk factors (almost all of them changeable) that affect your level of inflammation and your likelihood of developing chronic disease.
  • How to test your bodies’ inflammation levels through a simple blood panel that your doctor has probably NEVER ordered.
  • How this blood panel can identify causes of chronic pain as well as predict a heart attack far in advance.
  • The “Great Myth” of heart disease- that high cholesterol is the major cause and the best predictor. Wrong! (statin drug makers hate this inconvenient truth!)

Also, in the video Chris will show you a case study of one of his patients that had the “typical” blood panels from her conventional doctor. Those panels showed she was fine, yet after having the advanced screening, Chris saw she was actually at high risk for disease. I think you’ll find it fascinating.

You can watch the video by clicking here- Immune System 101 w/ Dr. Chris- Part 2

Please pass this along to your friends and family too!

God bless!


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