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Independance Day Inspiration

Hey my friend! Happy Fourth of July!

I love America, don’t you?

I love what America is, what it stands for and what it has done for countless millions of people throughout it’s relatively short history.  I also love the story of America, because it one that is FULL of miracles.

Last year, after my wife and I got married in Lancaster, PA, we took a trip to Philadelphia to visit some our national historic landmarks.  One of the places we went was to Independence Hall, the place where the Declaration of Independance was signed and later the Constitution was written. 

It was pretty mind blowing to go into that building and to mentally put myself into the shoes of the revolutionaries. At the time, our little nation of 13 colonies was under the rule of the BIGGEST superpower in world history. The British Empire had land across the earth and had military might and wealth far beyond anything that we could have dreamed of at the time.  

In the Spring of 1776, the British sent 32,000 troops on 400 ships across the Atlantic to invade us.  This was the biggest invasion in all of human history up to that point. In response, George Washington and our congress declared May 17th, 1776, to be a “Day of Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer”.  

In the official government prayer, recorded by Congress, they prayed for their sins to be forgiven, for their enemies to repent, and that if they didn’t, and if the cause was just, for God to give the American troops the power to have victory. 

You can see a copy of this declaration at the top of this page- National Day of Prayer Declaration

And as they say, the rest is history. Their prayers were answered. God gave our troops the power to be victorious and to secure the freedom that you and I are still enjoying all these years later.  

Throughout the Revolution and before, there were many dramatic miracles that happened to allow us to eventually achieve this victory.  William Federer is a historian (who is really like a walking Encyclopedia) who specializes in not just the general history (as recorded in your average textbook), but on the deeper details found in Congressional records and in the personal journals of those involved. Within these details, you can see the Mighty Hand of God working on our nation’s behalf.  

I think you’ll enjoy some of his lessons, so I’ve included a few of them here.  Each one is only about 5 minutes long and filled with inspiring stories.  

This one is about the first (and biggest) battle of the war- The Miracle of the Fog

This one is about The Boston Tea Party 

This one is about- The Minute Men

This one is about how George Washington led a miraculous 10-day offensive with a dwindled army to change the direction of the war- George Washington Was Inspired by Prayer

This one is about our founding fathers and their faith- Was America Founded on Christianity?

I hope you enjoy these!

To see more, just search for “Miracles in American History” on You Tube. 

God bless you!  And God bless America!!


P.S. You probably know this already, but our amazing country has been the target of communist regimes for many decades. There have even been publicized plans to infiltrate and overtake America that have been known for at least the past 60 years. Case and point, this is the congressional record from January 10th, 1963.  In it, the 45 goals of communists that will allow them to overtake America are listed.  

See bottom of page 1 and the top of page 2- 45 Goals for a Communist Takeover of America

Not surprisingly, number 30 is to deceive people into hating America by painting our founders as evil men with awful motives. Just know, that if you’ve read or heard of things that paint that kind of picture, it is very likely written by a closet communist.  

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