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Medical Doctor Reveals Secrets for Fighting Inflammation

Have you ever had the experience where you instantly formed a connection with someone the first time you talked to them?   I’ve had many of those experiences over the years and I recently had another one.  It was with a gentleman who is a Medical Doctor, and I bring it up because our connection is very good news for you.

I’ll tell you why in a second but first let me tell you how I discovered him.

Several months ago I got a call from a woman named Dona.  Dona wanted to come in for my musculoskeletal assessment to identify the muscular issues contributing to her pain and dysfunction.  When she came in, she told me about a doctor she was seeing to help her lower her inflammation without drugs. Intrigued, I asked her who he was and she said that he is a Medical Doctor, trained at John’s Hopkins, who began his career in cardiology and now practices Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine takes into account all the possible CAUSES of health problems and focuses on eliminating those causes while simultaneously addressing symptoms.  

When I heard about this change that he made, I was quite impressed.  Not often do you see a doctor who can make big bucks in a traditional practice, leave that to go into the less profitable stream of Integrative Medicine.

I knew at that point that I needed to meet him.

Being that his practice is in Bradenton, I was able to arrange a phone meeting with him rather quickly.  After we spoke, I was so blown away by what he does with his patients that I told him  “you’ve got to let me record an interview with you so my subscribers can hear it!”

He thought it was a great idea and he immediately agreed.

So…that brings me to what I want to share with you today.  Below is a link to the interview I did with Dr. Chris Davis, M.D. In the interview, we discussed some really eye opening things, such as:


How inflammation contributes to all pain and disease.

How inflammation can be lowered quickly and dramatically.

How to lose excess weight.

Why statin drugs might not be necessary or even helpful. (Remember he is also a Cardiologist.)

 Why many doctors are upset with the western medical system.

 Why he made the leap from higher paying western medicine to Integrative Medicine.

 The experience he had when he was 7 that made him want to become a doctor. 

 His biggest tips for how you can begin to feel better fast.  


I highly recommend that you check it out.  And please pay it forward by sending it to a loved one who wants to feel better also.

Click here- Interview With Dr. Chris Davis M.D.




P.S. Please email me if you have any trouble accessing the recording

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