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New Study Shows This Spice Can Boost Memory and Mood

I’ve come across some pretty interesting articles over the past few weeks that I thought you’d be interested in.

This one comes from Dr. Don Colbert, M.D. and it is about the new study that revealed some additional benefits of taking this powerful anti-inflammatory spice.

Check it out by clicking here- This Spice Can Boost Memory and Mood


Another article that I found quite interesting was published by NBC News about how this under-performed type of exercise can (in addition to benefiting your body tremendously) enhance your brain function, ward off dementia, make you feel more confident, more competent and give you a mental respite from the problems of the day.

Check it out by clicking here- 7 Overlooked Benefits of This Valuable Form of Exercise


In 2005, U.S. cancer treatment centers spent $54 million on advertising.  In 2015, they spent $174 million.  This article was recently released by the Wall Street Journal and it exposes some of the lies that cancer treatment centers use in their advertising….legally!

Check it out by clicking here- Lies Cancer Centers Tell Us In Advertising


Be sure to pass these along to those you care about.  You never know how they might benefit from them!




P.S. If you can’t access the third article because it asks you to buy a subscription, try typing the headline into google and clicking through from the search results page.  It worked for me so I’m guessing it’ll work for you too.  If not, email me and I will copy and paste it for you.

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