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This Stops Viral Replication Inside Cells

A few months ago, a M.D. friend of mine convinced me to get a blood test to measure my levels of vitamins and minerals. Everything was normal except my Zinc level. It was drastically low. I immediately began loading up on Zinc and I am so thankful that I did. So much of what I’m reading now is praising Zinc for its radical virus destroying properties.

Did you know that studies are showing that those with lower Zinc levels are up to 2.3x more likely to die from COVID-19 than those with normal Zinc levels? Crazy!!! I recently read an article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola about the powers of Zinc, the foods that contain large amounts of it, as well as supportive supplements you can take to boost your Zinc absorption.

I highly recommend checking it out by clicking here- Low Zinc Levels Increase Risk Of Death of COVID-19

Also, can I just rant for a second? And may I get just a tiny bit political while doing it? If you’re offended by that stuff please stop reading.

Ok here it goes.

The past few weeks I have been so disappointed with our President. He is walking around praising himself and his team for this “medical miracle” of getting two vaccines approved by the FDA in less than a year. Some miracle. Normal vaccines take up to 5 years of studies to be deemed safe by the FDA. And even then they can sometimes have terrible unwanted side effects.

I met a man 12 years ago whose 2 year old son got a vaccine and couldn’t speak for over 5 years.

I know a woman whose son got vaccinated as a child and he immediately became severely autistic. He’s in his 20’s now, he doesn’t speak, and he is still totally dependent on his mother.

I have a client who developed the nerve disorder Guillain Barre in her leg after receiving a vaccine 25 years ago. She will never touch another vaccine again.

I have another client right now who had a severe musculoskeletal reaction to a vaccine which caused chronic and severe pain. She has suffered for over 7 years.

The point is, these things are NOT anything to take lightly. Some people can have SERIOUS side effects from them.

The fact that our President would take 9 or 10 months of data as “proof” that these drugs are “miracles” is absolutely ridiculous to me. He nor anyone else knows what the long term side effects of these vaccines could be. They also don’t know if they will provide long term protection.

Oh and by the way, did you know that the type of vaccine they released has NEVER been tested or tried before? It’s called a messenger RNA vaccine. It works by instructing your own DNA (the software that God programmed to make you…you) to produce antibodies to the virus.

It actually reminds me of genetically modified foods. Scientists took the DNA of crops and altered them with machines to make them produce their own pesticides. The only problem was that they were deemed safe after only a few months of safety trials and now we know that over the long term these foods cause all kinds of digestive issues, inflammation and even cancer.

What will we find out about these vaccines in a year? Does it bother you that the companies making them have blanket liability protection, meaning that if it harms you, you pretty much can’t do anything about it?

And, if you read my article called “Science Gone Wild”, you know that companies that stand to make a profit from the product being researched will often cut corners or even flat out lie with their data to ensure that the product gets approved. That fact should have made Trump even more skeptical of their claims.

If you missed that article check it out here- Science Gone Wild

All that being said, I will not under ANY circumstances take these shots until I see what the long term effects are. I want to see how people are a year from now who got them. Did they still get the virus? Did they have side effects? Once I see the real world data, I will pray again and decide.

I’m sorry if that’s a little intense. I totally honor and respect whatever decision you make regarding this. I just couldn’t keep this inside anymore because unfortunately Big Media is so in the pocket of Big Pharma (because they spend more than nearly every other client) that you NEVER hear any dissenting facts, studies or medical opinions. Good thing I don’t mind being different!

Anyway, rant over. Hope you still love me!

God bless!


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