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What’s the Secret to Less Pain and Faster Healing??

With everything that is going on, can you believe that I’m getting so busy that I’m almost ready for a little vacation?! It’s true!

This is a graph of my monthly sessions going back to January of 2018. As you can see there are two big dips (one from being sick last year and one from the shutdown) followed by two massive V shaped recoveries. The current one has me already beyond where I was throughout all of 2018 and is slowly inching me back to the marathon sprint numbers I was doing right before the shutdown.

As you probably know, most people that come see me are struggling with a musculoskeletal problem that is often manifesting as pain or physical limitation. One look at these numbers may lead someone to believe that for my programs to be so popular, they must be some kind of “magic bullet.” Unfortunately they are not.

Although I 100% believe that Muscle Activation Techniques and all other forms of strategic rehabilitative exercise are quite miraculous, they are only one piece of the puzzle.┬áBeing that is the case, if we don’t take a comprehensive approach that addresses all the different variables, total recovery and pain relief may not be possible.

To make it easy for people to see the big picture, several years ago I made a chart outlining everything that I believe could help someone reduce pain, heal faster and improve their physiology (i.e. getting stronger, more flexible, faster, more agile or better balanced). I’ve imbedded it below.

Since some of it might not make sense at first glance, I’ll explain more about it on my blog. Click here to see that- Secrets Explained

God bless you and Happy Healing!


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