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New Study: This Plant Neutralizes the COVID Spike Protein

I know that by now most of us are sick of (no pun intended) hearing about things related to this virus, but this past week I read something interesting that I thought was worth sharing.    There is new science that has emerged out of Oregon State University that shows that two plant extracts have the capability of binding to the spike protein in SARS-CoV-2 and preventing it from entering human cells, thereby preventing infection.  Given that the most commonly promoted tool of virus control has...

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A Real Life Tarzan??

As science nut and an anatomy nerd, one of the things I've always found fascinating is how the human body is able to adapt to its environment.  All of us who used to live up north but are now living in Florida can relate to this.  After spending several months in this warmer climate, our bodies got better at handling the heat, which made us less able to handle the cold.  This is why when we go up north during the winter, many of...

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Over 150 Studies Show This Reduces COVID Mortality

Is there a linear relationship between vitamin D levels and COVID mortality?

New and compelling clinical research further cements the case, and even suggests a baseline level of vitamin D at which there’s theoretically zero mortality from the pandemic disease.

German researchers published the findings in the October issue of Nutrients (2021:13[10]:3596). Specifically, the study looked at mortality among 1,601 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 disease; 784 who had their vitamin D levels measured within a...

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A God-Sized Love Story: How I Met My Future Wife

2021 has been a whirlwind of adventure and unexpected surprises. In February, after over 15 years working in the rehabilitative exercise field and nearly 10 years owning my own practice, I felt the call to become a part time missionary.

I had already been doing evangelistic outreaches for nearly 3 years, but God was calling me to something more. He was telling me to go to part time in my practice, to expand my vision, and to work towards bringing...

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My BIG Announcement Part 4…

One week after starting the Riverwalk outreach, I got message on Facebook from a girl who goes to my church. She had just moved here from Pennsylvania in June, and she said that she saw the videos of the outreaches and wanted to be a part of them. She said she could sing and play the keyboard and would be willing to come out on Sunday's. Sofiya came on 9/5 and she sang a few songs that were amazing. ...

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My BIG Announcement Part 3…

At around 7pm that evening I got a text from the woman who gave her life to Jesus on Friday night, and she told me that she had just gotten back to Miami. She said that her brother was at her house visiting and that she told him what had happened in Sarasota. She said he REALLY wanted to speak to me, so I called her right away.

I got on the phone with him, and he said...

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My Big Announcement Part 2..

The worship gathering on Azusa Street was amazing, and what happened to me was totally supernatural. Ever since then I have had an insatiable urge to preach the gospel. I don't care anymore at all about the cost of time, energy or money that it would take to do it, I just want to do it everywhere I can, no matter what. Although I was always passionate about the mission and was always consistently preaching twice a week every week,...

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One of the Biggest Announcements I’ve Ever Made..

Hey my friend! Thanks so much for stopping by to read this! This past year has been a whirlwind of adventure! Where do I begin??

Last Christmas, for the first time in my life I spent the day apart from my parents. They tested positive for the coronavirus a few days earlier and out of an abundance of caution I chose not to go near them. Since my son had plans with his mom, I met...

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