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Immune System 101 w/ Dr. Chris- Part 2

Now that I've had my "behind the mask" visit with my parents for Mother's Day (big shout out to moms everywhere!!), I wanted to send you the latest installment of Immune System 101 with my friend and colleague Dr. Chris Davis M.D.

As I've mentioned before, Chris has a very unique and VERY compelling story. After over 14 years of traditional medicine, despite having an extremely busy practice, Chris became dissatisfied with the traditional medical model. He realized that it really didn't allow him to...

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Immune System 101 with Dr. Chris

Now that we are starting to see light at the end of this crazy tunnel we've been in, it's a good time to begin to think about a "get back to life game plan."

Of course, I'd imagine we will all be more cognizant about close contact with people, crowds and hand washing, but what I certainly hope we all pay more attention to is our immune system health.

One thing I've thought about during this pandemic...

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COVID-19 Survivor Celebrates 104th Birthday

I love coming across a positive, uplifting story. Don't you? If so, you'll love this one.

William Lapschies was born in Salem, Oregon on April 1st, 1916. He was two years old when the Spanish Flu Pandemic swept across the world and he was 27 when he was drafted into World War 2.

On March 10th of this year William was diagnosed with COVID-19. A few days later, a doctor at the nursing home where he has...

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Why I Had a Needle In My Arm Last Week…

This past week I was very blessed to reconnect with a good friend and colleague of mine Dr. Chris Davis M.D. Chris is truly one of my healthcare heroes because of his radical commitment to his patients' well being. Chris also has a pretty unique story.

After being trained at Johns Hopkins and being bestowed the honor of Chief Medical Resident, Chris began a medical practice in Bradenton that became enormously successful. But, after over 10 years of practicing conventional medicine, Chris realized that...

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How to Strengthen Your Soldiers For Battle

What a crazy time it is right now. Who would have thought that in a matter of weeks we would all go from life as usual to having nearly everything turned upside down? It's all so surreal that I don't think it's even fully sunk in for me yet.

In my 37 years I've only had a few moments where a very significant, very unwanted, and very unexpected thing happened so suddenly that it changed my life within a...

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Did You See This On TV?

Wednesday night I saw something that truly inspired me. Sarasota's hometown tightrope walker Nik Wallenda made history by becoming the first person ever to walk over an active volcano on a high wire. It was a pretty amazing sight to behold.

In addition to the normal challenges of being on a tightrope, Nik also had to contend with waves of very hot air, toxic gases and enormous gusts of wind. Afterwards, he said that at times it felt like the...

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9 Food Ingredients That Can Cause Joint Pain

Many are unaware of the link between what goes in their mouth and how they feel, but every year it is becoming more and more clear that we truly are what we eat. Certain foods have been shown to evoke an inflammatory response in the body, which can irritate conditions like arthritis and cause increased pain. The Arthritis Foundation has identified common food ingredients to try and eliminate from your diet to minimize these flare ups. The following was taken directly from an article on their website: 

If You Only Have 4 Minutes to Work Out…

Have you ever gotten so busy that your workouts became harder to fit into your schedule? If so, than you know what I've been going through lately.

Since November, things have ramped up significantly in the office. I've been coming in earlier, staying later, and having to get more creative with how I get my workouts in. Luckily I've found a solution that is working very well, and I think it's something you can use too.

On the days that...

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The Champion’s Mindset

Today I want to talk to you about a subject that is near and dear to all of our hearts (whether we realize it or not)- winning.

We all enjoy life's "wins", don't we?

We all enjoy succeeding in school, work, health, relationships, sports, and in every other aspect of our life. No matter what we put our mind, hands, time or money towards, we all can agree that we want those things to succeed and not fail. Unfortunately though, this...

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Don’t Let These Rob You of a Better Life

Do you recall the last time you felt disappointed or discouraged? Don't you hate feeling like that? Think back to what it was that prompted those feelings. Chances are pretty good that it was because of something we all deal with from time to time- unmet expectations.

Unmet expectations can be very destructive. They have destroyed families, marriages, businesses, careers, friendships, pursuits of dreams, and much more. They have also successfully kept many strong men and woman in depressed, hopeless or disappointed states of mind,...

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