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This One Decision Could Make or Break Your Health

This morning has been exciting for me so far.  In addition to it being Easter Sunday, today was also the day of my television segment airing on SNN!  It turned out great and I've gotten great feedback. If you missed it I will have a video to share soon. Because this is Easter weekend I felt it would be fitting to write about a topic that is very near to my heart- making the decision to forgive. This weekend, people from all over the world will celebrate Gods act...
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One Mans Week at the Gym

I hope your day is going well.  Usually in these posts I send out a helpful article of some sort but this amusing story caught my eye so I figured I'd break up the seriousness and share it with you.  It seems to embody many peoples fears (and some peoples actual experiences) of beginning an exercise program, especially with a trainer.  Have a good chuckle with it. Dear Diary: For my sixty-fifth birthday this year, my lovely wife purchased Read more

This Common Nighttime Activity Can Seriously Disrupt Sleep

On a day that often follows our longest night of sleep all week, I felt it fitting to relay this important piece of new sleep research that I have recently been applying and seeing the benefits of firsthand. It's a familiar setting.  We see that the clock is ticking down to our desired bedtime and we realize it would be a good time to catch up on email, our e-book, or some internet activity just before bed.  For many of us, this might be a lengthy endeavor and...
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This Daily Behavior Can Be A Greater Health Risk Than Smoking

I was hoping to get this out yesterday but my Sunday trips to Dunedin to work with the Toronto Blue Jays has been taking up a lot of my time.  Making the 90 minute trip up and back each weekend has not been easy on my body and the increase in my time sitting has me thinking about some things that I've read over the past two years about the new findings that link excessive sitting to various health problems. Of course, its no big shock...
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A BIG Hurdle That Will Keep You From Improving Your Body

  I'm in an interesting position with the work that I do and the location I do most of it from.  My services, Muscle Activation Techniques and Strategic Resistance Training, pretty much appeals to everyone to some degree.  This is why in the same week, or even the same day I might work with a 38 year old stay at home mom, a 65 year old tennis player, an 87 year old golfer and a 27 year old professional athlete.  The "problems" that drove them to come see...
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Yale Medical School Discovers a Simple Way to Reduce Inflammation

I came across an article recently that I wanted to share with you.  The article is about the latest findings that show that periods of fasting or dieting produce a strong anti-inflammatory effect in the body that can help inhibit the development of diabetes, Alzheimer's and heart disease.  Inflammation is also a huge part of pain disorders like arthritis, back pain and chronic repetitive stress injuries so inhibiting inflammation can have a huge effect on these also. This article was very timely because just a few weeks ago I completed a 48...
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How Much Does Age REALLY Matter?

I want to share with you something I've been thinking about this past week. It all started when my family and I went to the Sarasota Circus.  We had a fantastic time watching the performance, and the talent and athleticism the performers demonstrated was absolutely astounding. One thing that shocked me is that a few of the performers are what most of us would say are "not spring chickens." During the show Dolly Jacobs, part owner of the Circus, does an amazing aerial act where she holds herself up...
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5 Ways To Improve Your Muscle Function

"5 Ways To Improve Muscle Function So You Can Move Better, Feel Better, Perform Better and Avoid Injury" It went over extremely well and I was asked to come back and give more lectures in the future.  I think one of the reasons why people really appreciate this type of information is because so few people teach the importance of improving and/or maintaining good muscle health and because of that so many people are losing the benefits. Right now musculoskeletal ailments account for 57.5% of doctor visits...
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This USA Today News Story Blew My Mind!

Talking with some of my clients this week about what is going on in the news has been admittedly a bit of a downer.  With news about terrorist attacks, measles outbreaks, news anchors lying and other "bad" news, my general disdain for mainstream media news stories was reinforced substantially. Then I read another story that completely changed everything. USA Today, the nations most widely circulated newspaper ran a story this week about a boy in Missouri who drowned in an icy lake.  He was under water, fully submerged for...
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A Vegetable That Can Cause Pain and Worsen Arthritis

I want to share something important with you today that may make a huge difference in how you feel if you suffer from arthritis or other types of inflammation and pain. Let me give you the backstory of how I first discovered this. You'll find it is helpful to understanding the importance of this topic. About 7 months ago I began working with a client named Vince.  Vince had been suffering terribly with chronic pain for over 30 years and had been through every medical treatment available with...
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