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Superstar Athlete Helps Florida Kids Learn About Health

Remember when you were growing up- how it was so normal to spend a good portion of your life moving, playing and being active? Well, it probably won't surprise you to find out that statistically, that is NOT the norm for kids these days.   In fact, according to research sourced by the CDC in 2019, less than one quarter of children ages 6-17 get at least an hour of physical activity per day.  Also, according to research recently published in The Journal of the...

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New Study: This Painkiller Can Shrink Your Brain

In 2016, the CDC estimated that upwards of 50,000,000 people in America are living in chronic pain.  As you may already know from personal experience, chronic pain can put a strain on us- physically, mentally, socially and financially.  If it gets if bad enough, it can even alter the course of our life.  

Most people in chronic pain eventually begin to take various over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs hoping to get relief.  If the problem gets really bad, they may...

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1.8M Person Study Shows Exercise Cuts COVID Risks By 40+%

These days, I'm willing to bet that if you ask just about anyone in America over 12 years old- "do you believe that exercise is good for you?"- they'd probably say- "yes."

Many people even understand some of the specific benefits of exercise, such as- better muscle, bone and joint health, reduced bodyfat, better heart, lung and brain function, better energy and mood, less pain, and a greater ability to be mobile and active.    

Now, thanks to...

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72,000 Person Study Shows This Increases Risk of Dementia

If you are over the age of 50 you've probably thought a time or two about the possibility of developing the dementia. Sadly, most of us have seen the ravaging toll that it can take on an individual (and on their families), and after seeing that you realize that dementia is something you want to avoid like the plague.  

Unfortunately, many people believe that developing dementia is just a roll of the dice and that there's not much we...

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New Study: This Makes People Exercise More

Have you ever noticed that although most people know that getting regular exercise is good for them, VERY few people actually do it?  There could be many different reasons for this but very often it is simply just a lack of motivation.       

Why am I bringing this up? 

Because a new study was released this month that reveals an interesting way people are becoming motivated to be more physically active.  The University of South Australia reviewed...

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Deadly Chemical Found in 80% Of Americans’ Urine

As a survivor of childhood leukemia, there are not many things that anger me more than seeing companies flood our environment, our shelves, and ultimately our bodies with cancer causing agents.  Why am I bringing this up today? Because it was just reported by the CDC that over 80% of Americans tested were found to have the cancer-causing chemical glyphosate (also known by its brand name "Round-Up") in their urine.   

You can read about that here- Weed Killing Chemical Found...

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How Free Are We Really?

Is it as shocking to you as it is to me that we are already less than a week away from July 4th?!  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!  

This year, as we all reflect on how grateful we are to live in such a free nation, I hope we also ponder the deeper philosophical question of- how free are we really?  

Are we physically free to do what we would like to do, when...

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How Forgiveness Could Be the Key to Getting Well

Have you ever been wronged by someone?  So have I.  Have you noticed how hard it can be to not let that person/incident get under your skin?  So have I. 

You probably know this intuitively, but human beings are wired with a desire for justice.  If we feel that we were unjustly treated by someone, our natural reaction is to either want to hurt that person back somehow, or to just stew in our own personal pool of anger towards...

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