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How Free Are We Really?

Is it as shocking to you as it is to me that we are already less than a week away from July 4th?!  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!  

This year, as we all reflect on how grateful we are to live in such a free nation, I hope we also ponder the deeper philosophical question of- how free are we really?  

Are we physically free to do what we would like to do, when...

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How Forgiveness Could Be the Key to Getting Well

Have you ever been wronged by someone?  So have I.  Have you noticed how hard it can be to not let that person/incident get under your skin?  So have I. 

You probably know this intuitively, but human beings are wired with a desire for justice.  If we feel that we were unjustly treated by someone, our natural reaction is to either want to hurt that person back somehow, or to just stew in our own personal pool of anger towards...

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The High Cost of Inactivity

If you live in Florida year-round, you know that this is the time when we begin to mourn the loss of "paradise" and begin to prepare ourselves for the hot and sticky summer ahead.  For most of us, our main coping strategy is to either take lots of trips out of town, stay inside more, or both. 

Why do I bring this up?  Because typically what happens when we do those things is that we become much less active and...

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The World Has a New “Oldest Person”

Have you ever known anyone who lived to be over 100? What about 105? 110? 115?

Probably by now you are answering no.  I think 104 was the oldest for me.   

Given how fascinated we all are by being around someone over 100, how fascinating would it be to be around someone who was...119!? Well, prior to last Tuesday, if you lived in Japan, you could have met Kane Tanaka, who just passed away at that ripe old age.  

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How to Feel Less Tired and More Alert During the Day

It’s normal to have an occasional sluggish day, but if you’re staggering through life longing for a nap or looking for a bottomless coffee pot, it’s time to evaluate your habits and change those that are making you more tired during the day.

If your fatigue is new, accompanied by other symptoms, or so severe you can’t function normally, start with a visit to your doctor. You don't need to accept exhaustion as normal, especially if you have...

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What the Pilgrims Can Teach Us About Achieving Our Goals

What a few weeks it has been!  As you probably know, I am now a married man!  (woot-woot!) Here's one of the pics we've gotten back so far.  All I can say is God is good! 


We got married near Lancaster, PA, and after the wedding we spent 5 days in the northeast visiting sites of key events in America's history.  We went...

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Coming Soon: Genetically Altered…Beef

Hey my friend!  Happy Tuesday! 

I say happy, because I can rejoice even though I have some bad news.  The Food and Drug Administration has recently began opening the floodgates for beef to be on our plate that comes from cows whose DNA has been altered by a laboratory.   

Now, I realize that this is 2022 and this kind of news isn't all that shocking these days.  We've had genetically modified food legally sold to us since...

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A 51% Increase in Suicide Attempts!?

What a week it has been!  Our mission trip to Ft. Lauderdale truly was amazing!  Spring break down there is CRAZY though!  There were tens of thousands of college kids on the beach, and they were pretty much all drunk and trying to "hook up" with each other at all times.  I've never seen so many thongs in my entire life! LOL! 

It was amazing that even in that condition, so many were receptive to the gospel.  Thousands heard the good...

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